Slow going, reading Middlemarch by George Eliot.

Well, unfortunately it’s been another busy day today, so not got too far with the reading. I have picked up the book though, so am not feeling totally guilty. I’m still finding it quite slow going, and am not feeling particularly drawn to any of the characters. I wasn’t expecting so many religious overtones, but given  that it’s set in 19th century rural England I guess I should’ve known better. I’m determined to keep with it though, not only because people have told me it’s worth it, but also because…well, when I’ve set myself a challenge I like to keep to it.

With the weekend coming up, hopefully I’ll sit down and have a good hour’s read to get myself into it as so far it’s only been me catching a few moments reading whenever I can. As Lauren put it, I will keep fighting the good fight. Until tomorrow then…


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