Book lengthens, blog shortens. Must try harder, beginning Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

So…the dog ate my homework? I must have dropped it? No, there’s no excuse except to say that I have been a bit busy (and Comic Relief was on TV), but I have made a start on Rebecca.

I have to say, I found the opening a little less engrossing than Orlando – beginning, as it does, with an inordinate amount of description of plants (this, I feel, must be the reason that Alan Titchmarsh chose to be ambassador for the book during the BBC’s Big Read several years ago). I am not a fan of plants, in  fact, I am highly allergic to them. However, I have soldiered on and am glad to say that, by page twenty-six, things have improved dramatically.

So, after a shaky start, things are looking up…I promise, I will read more and quicker by tomorrow’s blog – thus, it should be a little longer (although, I hear some people prefer the shorter less serious blogs, hey Mum? The cheek).


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