Here goes

Faced with some time on my hands, and more books than sense, I’ve decided to read my way through some of literature’s classics and hopefully become a little wiser along the way.

Armed with my library card, and an Amazon account, I intend to find out for myself whether these are books that truly do change your life…or whether they’re merely something to dust on a not-so-regular basis.

I won’t be making myself a list of books and promising to read them all like  Jane Austen’s Emma as, like her, I’d undoubtedly become daunted by the prospect. Instead, I’ll begin by giving myself a month and seeing how I do. I will, however, promise to give an artless and honest opinion of every book I read.

Here goes…book number one…Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.



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4 responses to “Here goes

  1. Jillian ♣

    I want to read Orlando! I might start smaller first, with Mrs. Dalloway. 🙂 Great blog! Good to meet you. I see you lasted longer than a month. 😉


  2. Matt

    Good luck! I read so slowly I’d never be able to do it!


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